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Garbage & Recycling

Residential garbage and recycling is picked up Wednesdays.  Pick-up may begin as early as 6:00 a.m.    If a holiday falls on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday pick-up will move to Thursday.  Weather may also affect the pick-up.  The Village contracts with Harter's Disposal for residential garbage and recycling services.  The Village is able to repair damages to your cart, from normal wear and tear (usually the wheels)  for no charge, But the Village WILL NOT replace your cart free of charge.  If you have a complaint (or a compliment, we'll take those too) about the service e.g. didn't get picked up (please make this contact in a timely manner so it can be addressed quickly) contact DPW Supt. Adam Lechner at 920-583-6700, email:

Residential parcel owners pay a special assessment of $120.00 Garbage & Recycling and an additional $36.00 Recycling Fee (Misc. Fee) each year to help defray the costs of garbage and recycling pick-up.  These charges appear on the property tax bill.  Business owners need to contract their own services.

We highly encourage recycling and following these recycling guidelines.  Please remember the electronics ban here in Wisconsin. Electronics are to be recycled and NOT discarded in the trash. Information on E-CYCLING

Included in our contract is bulky pick-up.

Bulky pick-up for 2024 is May 8th and October 9th.

As for yard waste, the Village has a compost pile and brush pile on the south end of the park FOR VILLAGE RESIDENTS ONLY. All brush may be taken to the brush pile and all other waste (grass clippings, leaves, weeds) can be deposited on the grass pile where it will compost. This seems straight forward but as any who use this can attest to, each find their way to the other. PLEASE, using the appropriate pile saves everyone a lot of grief.

Composted material is available for free from the pile, (the rearward one, looks like black dirt) take as much as you wish, it's great in gardens, around bushes and trees, and a DPW favorite, mixed with soil and grass seed for quick germination and rich green color!  Call Supt. Lechner at 920-583-6700, email: with questions.

Bulky items and bulky recycling may be taken to the WM Transfer Station in Fond du Lac (fees may apply)   Click HERE for more information.

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