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Public Works

The Village Garage is located at 709 Main St.


The Village of Brownsville Public Works Department consists of Supt. Adam Lechner 920-583-6700 and Asst. Supt. Troy Kemmel 920-948-5030. 



The Public Works Department takes are of the streets, parks, Village cemetery, Village buildings, snow removal, storm sewers, creek maintenance, and other needs that crop up.  They are also the Village Water and Sewer Utility operators.


Brownsville has approximately four miles of streets with in its borders. The street department is responsible for the maintenance and care of those streets, including signage, repair and snow removal.

There is no parking on Village streets during the hours of 1:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. when there has been a one(1) inch or more snow fall.  Violators will be ticketed.

Parcel owners are reminded that they are responsible for the removal of ice and snow from sidewalks per ordinance 12.16 Sidewalk Maintenance

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